The Home Based Care

In 2006, a group of like-minded women, encouraged by a national health programme, began Home Based Community Care for the people of Bennde-Mutale and the surrounding villages. In November 2009, they moved into an office at the Learning Centre, rent free. From the office, an administrative team manages a staff of 11 health care canvasers, who visit the elderly, infirm and terminally ill in 5 villages totaling over 1800 households.


The health care canvasers also spray homes to eradicate malaria-borne mosquitos. On occasion, the administrative team conducts educational forums on the prevention of malaria and HIV/AIDS. The Home Based Community Care team perform a crucial role in primary care for the people of the area. Hopefully this national programme will continue growing in strength and service.


Since January 2010 the local MOBILE CLINIC has been using the Learning Centre as a safe place, protected from the elements, to perform monthly checks-ups of babies, vaccinations of adults and children, and general care of the elderly and sick.

The Home Based Care Ladies
The Home Based Care Ladies

12 women dedicated to helping those who need it.

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