How Friends of Mutale started.

Friends of Mutale began in earnest in 2005, when Vince Mehers first visited Bennde Mutale. He discovered then that education was severely lacking in the village; which prompted Vince to assist in the primary school and adult basic education courses through volunteering and raising funds. With the formal registration as UK NGO in 2009 and subsequent donations, a Learning Centre was built in Bennde Mutale – a multi-purpose building that serves many community needs and promotes “a partnership of education & fun”.


Friends of Mutale’s steadfast desire to remain true to “organic community development” has proved to be successful, as our reach & influence has grown within the region in which we serve. In order to be successful in community development, trust needs to be mutually gained between all parties involved – truly “organic” as the needs are addressed from a grassroots, community level.


Volunteers have formed an integral role in fulfilling the goals of Friends of Mutale, assisting in the crèche, local primary school and after-school programme. For those who wish to experience the joys and satisfaction of volunteering, please visit ASPECT AFRICA, our partners to help with sustainable funding.


Friends of Mutale’s efforts have been made possible by the kindness of charity from across the world: Denmark, United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, Holland, France and Cuba. If you are compelled to reach out to this small, forgotten corner of the world, please click on the links below and feel safe in the knowledge that your money, time or materials will be going towards opening an entire world of opportunity for those who otherwise would have very little.