After-School Club

Friends of Mutale understands that a good education needs to begin from an early age and therefore began the after-school clubs with the purpose of providing primary and secondary students of Bennde Mutale the opportunity to have a structured, safe environment to do homework and to stimulate them into wanting to learn more.


The after-school club is structured with an hour of extra study (English, maths and geography) and an hour of play; such as building with Legos, jigsaw puzzles, drawing, colouring, reading, playing football, netball, and  skipping.


Learners from grade R to grade 10 are encouraged to come whenever they can, as many learners have chores to attend to such as collecting water, firewod, herding the goatd or cows, cooking and looking after younger brothers or sisters. 


The after-school clubs allow the children to be children, to let them forget about their homes and chores for a couple of hours a day. It allows them to express their dreams and desires for the future; they have time to enjoy and learn without thinking they are learning. Interacting with each other, playing, sharing and helping is all a part of growing up and an integral part of the informal learning process.

Friends of Mutale

Friends of Mutale is a UK registered Charity 1129965 for volunteering information please contact us on for further information



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Child Safeguarding policy

Outside time

Students love to play a variety of games outside. Football being the favourite!